Accessible cinema shows for film fans with hearing loss.
Click images for subtitled screenings.

(15) 2hr 10m. Oscar-nominated drama about a drummer (Riz Ahmed) who loses his hearing and struggles to reassemble his life ★★★★★ Guardian

(12a) 1h 53m. Action. Deaf actress Kaylee Hottle plays Jia, young deaf girl who communicates with Kong through sign language. Together they find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla… ★★★★ Guardian

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The Mid Ulster Council is piloting a service which will benefit customers who are deaf or are hard of hearing. This service will provide instant access to a Sign Language Interpreter for customers who use British Sign Language (BSL). The service also caters for Irish Sign Language (ISL) users on a request basis​.

The link can be accessed via the following webpage

The service currently gives you access to an online BSL interpreter at the following Council offices and leisure venues, Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm:


  • Cookstown Council Office
  • Cookstown Leisure Centre
  • Mid Ulster Sports Arena


  • Dungannon Council Office
  • Dungannon Leisure Centre


  • Magherafelt Council Office
  • Greenvale Leisure Centre

How do you explain concepts like “coronavirus” or “social distancing” to an audience who cannot hear you?

For the past few weeks that has been the job of sign language interpreters Amanda Coogan and Kristina Sinclair.

The pair sign in both British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language at Stormont’s daily coronavirus briefings.

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Action Deaf Youth: This year we have a group of 12 parents of deaf children doing BSL Level 3 with us 😀🧠

We believe this is the FIRST time ever that a group of parents of deaf children have had an opportunity to do a Level 3 BSL course together in NI and possibly the first time ever in the UK! 🙌

We also have three other groups of parents doing BSL Level 1 in Dungannon, Ballymena and Belfast and a very special group of grandparents also doing BSL Level 1. 👍

Next year we hope to offer BSL Level 1 and BSL Level 2 courses again specifically for parents/grandparents/close adult family members of deaf children aged 0-8 years.

These free courses will be taught by our in-house BSL tutor, Michelle Hull, whom many of our regular families already know. Our courses are unique in that they are specially designed to equip parents/grandparents with the signing skills needed to communicate effectively immediately with young deaf children in playful ways.

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Between 2018 and 2019, the Employment team has helped six people who are deaf or have hearing loss access full-time work and five people access part-time work.

Many people who take part in the Specialist Employment Programme have not worked for several years, and can find it difficult to get employment. Through the programme, they can benefit from one-to-one mentoring from Employment Advisors, support with job searching, interview practice, help getting work experience and accredited training.

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